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Below are some of the comments we have received from our service users and their families/carers......

"After the failures of Care in the Community our daughter was in a deep depression, rather than allow her to go into a Psychiatric Unit we took the decision to keep her at home with us in an environment she was more used to. After a period of time & her confidence still very low Access to Living was recommended to us.

Working in conjunction with Access to Living who had the care and knowledge to expand our 
daughter’s outlook she has regained a lot of her confidence and trust. This work has included encouraging her to mix with more people and with their support she goes shopping, enrolled in Zumba classes, joined Weight Watchers and lost a lot of weight and even takes short bus rides on her own.

Knowing she is safe and happy and shown care from the staff, we have been able 
to step back and relax while she is away from home. The staff have also supported and advised us during times of illness and hospitalisation."

"We are impressed with the Access To Living Group. The Staff work to enable people with learning disabilities to interact socially and to assist in areas where they need help, they campaign for better opportunities for them and as a carer I have received useful advice - I was introduced to the C4A group which has proved useful to me.

The Access to Living social group organises various activities which are chosen by its members and are well supervised. These activities are both indoor and outdoor from visiting garden centres, pubs, cafes and shops to making artwork and crafts. The purpose of these activities is so the group members can meet socially, discuss various topics and learn something useful at the same time. When available group members are taken to local exhibitions which may be of interest to them. It was at one of these exhibitions that my son was introduced to ‘Work Solutions’ at their stand, which in turn lead him into doing a course to help him write his CV, prepare him for interview and assist him into work.  My son was also taken to a meeting which was provided by Adult care Services about ‘Locality Planning’ so he had the opportunity to speak up for himself and others about the difficulties they have in getting a job, preferably paid work.

The Access to Living group staff have the ability to reach into the community, bridging the gap between the formality of social services and the people who cannot find the right kind of help, thus in my opinion this organisation is a valuable asset to us all."